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Performance Based Downsizing

The Wyvern Process

The Wyvern OJQ Performance Measurement System allows you to customize performance criteria for your organization. Once you have established the competencies on which your employees' performance will be evaluated and have selected the raters for each employee, Wyvern prepares a set of rating forms customized for each rater. Raters complete the forms, comparing various employees on one competency at a time.

Wyvern combines and analyzes the raters' comparisons to determine the most accurate consensus for each employee on each competency. The Wyvern reports show where each employee ranks among all employees in the comparison group. Complete statistical analyses of the rating data show the reliability and accuracy of each measure, the degree of consensus, and the rating consistency of an individual rater with other raters.

Defensible Downsizing

During a downsizing process, emotions can run high and it is not unreasonable to expect that some aspects of the downsizing process will be challenged. The OJQ has been successfully defended in the courts in the past and we expect it to continue to survive careful scrutiny, provided a company using it follows well-established guidelines and safeguards in translating performance evaluations into staff reduction action plans.

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