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Performance Based Downsizing

The OJQ Difference

The Wyvern OJQ Performance Measurement System is based on a scaled version of the paired comparison process that is far superior to the traditional five-point Likert Rating Scale. The OJQ system further refines the rating data by eliminating typical measurement errors such as average rater bias and "halo" effects. The OJQ system is a sophisticated, reliable, and accurate measurement system that is easy to use.

The OJQ system can be applied to employees at all levels of an organization. It easily accommodates multiple raters so that an individual employee can be rated by superiors, peers, subordinates, and even customers. This multiple rater process lends fairness and objectivity to the ratings, which are particularly important in a forced reduction program.

The OJQ Performance Measurement System achieves a high degree of fairness by maximizing objectivity, minimizing biases, and allowing performance to be evaluated from all perspectives, not just from the top down. It is a defensible system that reduces the potential for charges of bias or discrimination. Indeed, the OJQ measurement system has had a remarkable record of freedom from serious legal challenges.

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