Wyvern International, Inc. Tools For Sound Business Decisions

The Wyvern OJQ® Process

Phase 1 - Criteria Identification

  1. Management team develops list of criteria essential for success.
  1. Criteria are defined using observable job behaviors.
  1. OJQ® system can be used to reduce criteria to manageable number (6-8).
  1. Management team determines breakdowns (divisions, departments, locations, units, etc.).
  1. Final criteria/definitions, breakdowns are emailed to Wyvern.


Phase 2 – Ratings

  1. Ratees are matched with raters.
  1. Rater-ratee matrices are emailed to Wyvern.
  1. Wyvern produces a set of rating forms for each rater (one set for each criterion).
  1. Company conducts formal rating sessions online.

Phase 3 - Analyses, Organizational Feedback and Action Planning.

  1. Results are analyzed using Wyvern's proprietary software.
  1. Results are sent to the company.
  1. Wyvern professionals are available to assist in interpreting results and integrating results into the company's strategic action plan.


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