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The Wyvern OJQ is a unique rating system which enables groups of people to reach consensus on important topics. The OJQ has been used since 1967 in a wide range of people strategy and other human resources activities.

The Wyvern OJQ® is an objective, flexible and proven process for ranking individuals, products or ideas to make sound judgments about them.

The OJQ reaches consensus on these topics by simulating a "conference" of people, without the expense of gathering the individuals together. Multiple judgments are combined to arrive at a consensus opinion expressed as a sequence of relative rankings along a 100 point scale, giving a

"How can we accurately measure the skills and competencies needed by our employees so that we can achieve our business goals?"

Wyvern International, Inc.

  • Relative rank
  • Score for each criterion
  • Composite score for all criteria
Multiple raters compare (rank) people, products or ideas against each other based on a number of predetermined criteria.

The central problem with most rating systems is that it requires judgments to be made in an absolute sense; they refer to ideals. But, most real world judgments are not made this way and - consciously or not - usually involve a comparison of alternatives. The OJQ makes use of this fact by asking raters to make comparisons rather than absolute judgments. As a result, Wyvern OJQ achieves a higher degree of rater agreement than other procedures that use non-comparative or likert scales.

Wyvern International, Inc.