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Performance Measurement


"How can we accurately measure work performance differences among employees in a way that encourages growth and development?"

Performance measurement is one of the most powerful processes in the management of people. It enables managers to set standards for effective performance, recognize achievement above the average level, and identify sub-par performers who need extra support and development. Unfortunately, many performance measurement systems available today do not work. Managers tend to cluster employees in a narrow band of performance, rating almost all individuals as average or above average.

What is needed is a system which differentiates workers from each other so that management can individualize feedback to employees. The Wyvern Performance Measurement System automatically ranks employees according to the performance competencies which you, the employer, specify. This process guarantees that there will be no clusters of employees with the same score and no "halo" effect in performance ratings. It prevents manipulation of the final results as employees' rankings are based not on arithmetic averages but on relative standing compared to one another.

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