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Performance Measurement

The OJQ Difference

The Wyvern Performance Measurement System allows managers to compare employees with each other rather than against a theoretical five-point rating scale. In addition, the Wyvern approach can utilize multiple raters so that an employee can be rated by superiors, peers, subordinates, and self. This multiple rater process lends fairness and objectivity to the rating, and promotes buy-in to the results of the measurement itself.

The Wyvern Performance Measurement System is the most powerful tool of its kind and comes in easy-to-use, cost-effective formats. For companies who are tired of five-point rating scales that produce more busy work than valuable feedback, the Wyvern Performance Measurement System points out individual employee strengths and weaknesses, giving employers a reference point for improving the quality of the workforce.

Wyvern has unique features that provide a significant advantage over other methods of performance measurement:

  • Raters express their opinions about performance by direct comparison of people.
  • Multiple raters provide objectivity by minimizing the effects of individual biases or inadequate information.
  • Rankings are precise and explicit on each competency and on all competencies combined, highlighting both similarities and differences among employees.
  • Results from different locations or organizational divisions can be compared, assimilating a large amount of data in a simplified form.

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