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Performance Measurement

Getting Started

Wyvern's Performance Measurement System can be tied directly into your company's business strategy. A human resource consultant will meet with your performance management team to select the performance competencies by which employees will be measured. Wyvern's seed list can be very helpful in this regard. Raters for each employee are then identified. Wyvern designs rating forms and coordinates administration of the rating forms with your site-based team. The administration can be online or by use of optical scanning forms.

Once rating forms are completed and returned to Wyvern, they are scored with its proprietary software. Turnaround time for this step is short. Your consultant will then be available to help interpret the results, train your supervisors in feedback methods, and plan developmental action steps for your employees.

Contact Wyvern directly for more information on utilizing a superior performance measurement process at 412-261-1333 or email us.

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