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Performance Measurement

The Wyvern Process

The Wyvern Performance Measurement System achieves consensus in measuring performance by simulating a "conference" of people without the expense of gathering individuals together. A mathematically sophisticated tool, the Wyvern system produces agreements which are more accurate and reliable than other methods. By taking all participants' views, perceptions, and opinions into account, Wyvern not only creates consensus but also encourages growth and development of individual employees.

The Wyvern Performance Measurement System allows you to customize performance competencies for your company. Once you have established the competencies on which employees will be evaluated and have selected the raters for each employee, Wyvern creates individual rating forms for each rater. Raters then complete the forms, comparing various employees on one competency at a time. Wyvern combines and analyzes the raters' comparisons using proprietary computer software programs to determine an accurate consensus for each employee. Then, Wyvern prepares reports showing the results for individual employees in easy-to-use graphic formats.

The added value of the Wyvern approach is illustrated by the feedback graphs. Individual employees meet with supervisors to review graphs which compare their work performance to that of their peers. The feedback meeting breaks the ground for developmental action plans for each area of performance in which an employee falls short of the group benchmark. Similarly, the meeting also provides an opportunity to acknowledge superior performance.

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