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Competency Assessment

  • Wyvern OJQ Surveys can be fully customized to incorporate competencies and behavioral skills that are identified by the client company. Alternatively, job-relevant off-the-shelf versions are available that can be tailored to specific needs.

  • The paired comparison process allows for a Competency Priority Study prior to the final evaluation. With this option, competencies can be ranked in terms of their strategic importance, thus determining the high priority factors for strategic emphasis. This option drives consensus among leaders as to the most important behavioral skills.

  • Benchmarks can be added to provide a more absolute measurement of competencies to determine where participants reach or do not reach an effective level of performance. This is useful for comparing people across divisions or departments.

Competency Modeling

Competency modeling clarifies the expectations of the organization for its employees. A competency model consists of the key skills and behaviors necessary for successful implementation of the business strategy and serves both as criteria and guide for employees and leaders alike for selection, performance management, career development, succession planning or downsizing.

Organizations change only when people change and a competency model drives home the strategic direction and leadership behaviors that will be required to achieve company goals in the short and long term. Planning based on competencies will provide the flexibility necessary to have the right people in the right places doing the right things at the right time to reach the right goals.

A competency model serves as strategic criteria and a platform for evaluating employee performance in using the desired skills and behaviors to operationalize the desired organizational values. This is the only way to create the organizational culture that will support strategic success. A competency model can also be used to determine criteria for hiring, promotion, succession planning or downsizing.

Finally, competency modeling ensures that your employee measurement criteria are job- related and measuring that which will drive your business goals this year and in the future.

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