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Performance Based Downsizing

One Company's Story

The Challenge
Forced to reduce staff levels beyond normal attrition, an international oil company whose employees had never before faced any large scale reduction in force needed to select a downsizing strategy that would shrink the existing staff but, at the same time, be considered fair and equitable by all the employees of the company.

The Response
In order to promote buy-in, the company decided to allow all of its employees to decide which downsizing strategy they believed to be the most fair and equitable. Various strategies, including the Wyvern OJQ, were described to the employees who voted for the one they thought was best. The employees selected the Wyvern OJQ.

The Result
Using the Wyvern OJQ as the strategy of choice, the downsizing process was conducted with a minimum of disruption, anxiety, and hard feelings.

The company met its goal by eliminating individuals whom the group felt were the weakest performers, while maintaining a sense of objectivity and fairness. By offering considerable help to displaced workers, the company was able to maintain the respect and good will of the entire staff.

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