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Performance Based Downsizing

Getting Started

Careful planning is the key to a successful downsizing program and the top management team, with the assistance of financial, legal and human resources professionals, must very succinctly and objectively set forced reduction goals and decide on a specific strategy for reaching those goals.

A Wyvern consultant can explain how the Wyvern OJQ fits into that strategy, meeting the company's objectives in the most defensible way possible. Your consultant will meet with the management team to establish performance competencies on which employees will be evaluated.

After your company identifies the raters for each employee to be rated, Wyvern will design and either print scannable surveys for on-site administration or post surveys on Wyvern's secured website for rater login. The choice of delivery modes is made in consideration of each company's unique needs.

Once completed rating forms are available to Wyvern, they are scored by proprietary computer software. Turnaround time is short. Thereafter, your HR consultant will be available to help you interpret the results and integrate them into the organization's action plans.

Contact Wyvern directly for more information on utilizing a superior performance based downsizing process at 412-261-1333 or email us.

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