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Performance Based Downsizing

The OJQ Advantage

The OJQ Performance Measurement System, as applied to forced reduction or downsizing, has a number of other advantages over other approaches.

  • Performance criteria are customized, not standardized; employees at different levels and in different areas can be evaluated on specific job performance standards.
  • Because individual bias and errors are minimized, ratings are precise for each competency, highlighting an individual's ranking within the group.
  • Raters evaluate performance by direct comparison of people on specific criteria, thereby lessening the impact of raters' personal standards of "satisfactory" performance.
  • Because of its state-of-the-art technology, the OJQ Performance Measurement System ensures accuracy and rapid turnaround time, along with complete supporting data on the reliability of each individual project.
  • The OJQ system achieves consensus in performance measurement by simulating a conference of people without the expense of gathering them together. By taking all raters' perceptions and opinions into account, OJQ not only creates a broad, accurate consensus of performance, but also encourages acceptance by individual participants.

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